December 2018 08
Why are rowers tall?
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Most world class rowers are tall.  Some of them are extremely tall.  And it makes sense, since work is force times distance.  A tall athlete can pull the oar through a wider sweep angle, or

December 2018 07
Session of the week – 2x8x500m
Posted By : sander

Threshold session. Warm up row for 12 minutes (including a few bursts at pace). Set up ergometer for 1:50 work, 1:10 rest. Do 8 intervals. Then row an active rest of 6 minutes. Dial up

November 2018 26
HRV measuring for Masters athletes in practice
Posted By : sander

Clinical studies and experiments on elite athletes have shown strong correlations between Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and accumulated (training) stress. Currently, companies like HRV4Training and EliteHRV are marketing apps that help you collect HRV data and use them

November 2018 23
Fusion or Glue? What’s the difference?
Posted By : sander

A quick explanation on the difference between the two. “Glue” puts together entire recordings in sequence. “Fusion” allows you to blend data from different sources recorded at the same time. Glue Workouts Glue Workouts is