November 2018 06
Rowing Data Workshops are Fun
Posted By : sander

We had a great Rowing Data workshop at the RV Naarden club yesterday. The audience was just the right size to make this interactive and informative, and they asked many very good questions. I started

November 2018 04
NK Link Logbook — First Impressions
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Here is a link to a side by side comparison table:  rowing online tool comparison.xlsx As an enthusiastic user of an NK speedcoach GPS and EmPower oarlock, I am always interested in new capabilities that

October 2018 30
Failing to plan is planning to fail
Posted By : sander

In the previous blog post I explained how helps you committing to your goals and creating accountability for executing your training plan. This post is a how-to showing you exactly how to create a training

September 2018 13
Working on Recovery Efficiency
Posted By : sander

I am working on Efficiency around the catch and finish. I a man posting most of it on my personal training blog but I think the thoughts are relevant enough to cross post here: About measuring

August 2018 31
How I became a remote coach
Posted By : sander

Rowing data add a new layer of information for coaches to benefit from. The ease of sharing rowing data online enables a new form of remote coaching. is morphing into a tool for remote

June 2018 24
Interval Sessions are EASY!
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Ha!  Maybe not.  Doing them can be hard, but now analyzing them on rowsandall is easy. One of the “Pro” features that rowsandall has had for a long time is the ability to divide up

May 2018 31
Brněnské 2K
Posted By : sander

Scroll down for English version Jsi nejrychlejší veslař na Brněnské přehradě? 1. edice virtuálního závodu na přehradě Od: 1 června Do: 21 července Typ lodi: všechny (1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 8+) Vzdálenost: 2000m Start: Start 2000m dráhy Cíl: u