November 2019 22
Rowsandall: A better logbook
Posted By : Gregory Smith

One of the greatest things about the Concept2 indoor rower is the online logbook.  Having a quick, easy place to keep track of your rowing training is very helpful, encourages consistency and tracks long term

April 2017 25
What I am reading
Posted By : sander

[amazon_link asins=’0262035472′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’rowingdata-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’04610caa-29e8-11e7-b87d-cb23b0a8eaed’] “Sport 2.0”, #TransformingSportsforaDigitalWorld by @AndyMiah I plan to write a review on this blog once I finish it.

December 2016 28
What’s your maximum heart rate?
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Knowing your maximum heart rate is the starting point for doing heart rate based training.  Even if you you are not following a formal HR based plan, it can be useful to track HR statistics

December 2016 22
Rowing Analytics
Posted By : Gregory Smith

The reason this blog exists is to collect and organize tips and discussions about how to analyze and use data collected during rowing to improve performance. I’m hoping that over time, many will contribute here