Which additional rowing metrics should rowsandall.com offer?
- October
Posted By : sander
Which additional rowing metrics should rowsandall.com offer?

Rowing metrics can be divided in three categories:

  1. Per Workout Metrics

* total Distance
* total time
* average heart rate
* training score, etc …
2. Per Stroke Metrics
* Stroke Rate
* instantaneous heart rate
* power
* distance per stroke etc …
3. In Stroke Metrics
* Detailed speed, force, acceleration data during the stroke cycle

Rowsandall.com supports all basic rowing related metrics at the per stroke level, as well as many at the per workout level. We strive to give meaningful metrics, but as rowing data is a new field, we are not dogmatic on this. We like to experiment.

Today, Greg and I were talking about how to manage adding new metrics to the current list of rowing metrics. An example is a metric for Boat Check, which is calculated from boat acceleration data in different ways by different apps. There are many other possible metrics. Also, using the flexibility of CSV file formats or using extension schemes for TCX and FIT files, we could envision auto-detecting these extensions and offering them to our users. Greg remarked:

I think that there could be a place for user defined fields, but I find the process of identifying, discussing and debating the merits of new common fields to be very valuable and educational, so I would be sad to lose it.

One of the things that you described for the role of rowsandall was to help establish common metrics for the benefit of the sport. The process we’ve used to figure out which ones add value has benefits on its own. You may want to come up with a way to tap a broader audience to weigh in on new metrics via disqus, face book or Twitter.

So that is where we are. we’d like to kick off the discussion on metrics for rowing. Comment here on Disqus (the comments on this analytics blog), on Facebook or on Twitter. We’d like to hear your opinion. Which metric should we add and why?