October 2022 29
In-Stroke Metric Analysis Comparison
Posted By : sander

The two charts demonstrate new functionality on Rowsandall.com. In the top chart I am comparing boat acceleration and seat curve analysis from the Quiske app, for two different workouts. In the bottom chart, I am

July 2020 19
Randall Foils vs Smoothies
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Randall Foils are small foils that can be added to the top edge of the oars.  The developer of the Randall Foil has made some remarkable claims about the speed benefit of using them. This

November 2018 23
Fusion or Glue? What’s the difference?
Posted By : sander

A quick explanation on the difference between the two. “Glue” puts together entire recordings in sequence. “Fusion” allows you to blend data from different sources recorded at the same time. Glue Workouts Glue Workouts is

September 2018 13
Working on Recovery Efficiency
Posted By : sander

I am working on Efficiency around the catch and finish. I a man posting most of it on my personal training blog Blog.rowsandall.com but I think the thoughts are relevant enough to cross post here: About measuring