May 2017 02
Embedding Rowing Metrics in a Video
Posted By : sander

With the omnipresence of GoPro and other action cameras, taking a video of your rowing has never been easier. Combine this with rowing metrics from your phone app, SpeedCoach (with power measuring Empower Oarlock) or

April 2017 25
What I am reading
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[amazon_link asins=’0262035472′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’rowingdata-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’04610caa-29e8-11e7-b87d-cb23b0a8eaed’] “Sport 2.0”, #TransformingSportsforaDigitalWorld by @AndyMiah I plan to write a review on this blog once I finish it.

March 2017 02
Call for Team and Coach testers
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At we are adding support for teams and coaches. provides a rich set of tools to analyze data from training sessions, both on the water, and on ergs.  The new support will allow

February 2017 22
Making rowing data actionable
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If you have some time, I really recommend you read this blog post. It is not about rowing but it is about running. Running and cycling are very much ahead of rowing in terms of