Rowsandall Settings Page Tutorial
- November
Posted By : Mike McGuirk
Rowsandall Settings Page Tutorial Settings Page Tutorial

Hello new user! Welcome to You have probably explored the website by now and are ready to get started uploading your workouts. To get the most out of the analysis that offers, please enter your personal heart rate and power information on the settings page (example below) and be sure your account information and preferences are correct. This tutorial will help to explain what this page is all about. Attention, GO!

Settings Page

Heart Rate Zones

If you do not already know your training heart rate zones, check the following links for more information.

Power Zones

Cyclists have been training successfully using power for years, now rowers can too. For a discussion on training with power and power training zones see the following links.

Functional Threshold Power

FTP is the basis on which power zones are calculated. See below for various takes on how to calculate your FTP.

OTW Slack

Because of the many variables involved in on the water rowing (OTW), one typically can’t produce the same power on the water as on the erg. The percentage drop is usually about 15%. This number is used in to adjust the power zones for workouts done OTW. In that way, the same color in your session chart will correspond to the same rate of work between the erg and the boat. If in doubt, just enter zero.

Account Information

Check that the first four items are correct. The rest need some explanation.

Receive Email notifications

If checked, you will receive notifications in the email when a team member comments on your workout on Some other site notifications will also be sent per email when this setting is on.

Default Time Zone

Choose your time zone from the drop-down list. This will set the time zone for workouts that were captured with a device that isn’t time zone aware. If we have coordinates for your workout, we will set the time zone to the one corresponding to those coordinates. Also, if your recording app or device exports time in ISO standard time stamps or in Unix time, we will be able to show the workout time as local time when this option is set.

Show notes for Favorite Charts

Our Flex charts are a popular tool for analyzing workout performance. We provide a default collection of “favorite” charts that you can modify, i.e. add or remove charts from the collection. For each chart, you can write a “note to self” which might describe your reason for using that chart or your normal parameters for those metrics, etc. This note stays attached to that chart and is visible when you hover over the thumbnail of the chart in the workflow view and at the bottom of the chart in the normal chart view.

Default Landing Page

You have three choices for landing pages when you first load a workout: The Edit page, the Workflow page, and the Upload Page (in case you want to upload multiple files). The Workflow page is the recommended default landing page for workouts that have already been uploaded or imported (or emailed to This page is designed to offer the user a configurable roadmap for analyzing the workout.

The Edit page is where you can give the workout a name1 and edit the date, start time, etc.

Each time you upload or import a workout, you will initially want to go to the edit page to make sure all the editable information is correct and to tag the workout as a “ranking piece2” or make it “private3”. On both the Upload and Import pages, there is a place to select a one-time landing page for that workout. So even if your official default landing page is set to Workflow, you can override that selection so that you will be taken directly to the Edit page after Importing/uploading a new workout.


This button will take you to a series of pages where you can manage your participation on a team. See this article in the Rowing Analytics blog

Export Settings

On the page to which this button takes you, you can decide whether you want your exports to Strava to be logged as a Ride or some other discipline. (Strava is primarily a cycling website and provides more functionality for Rides than it does for Rowing.)

Favorite Charts

Here you can manage your library of favorite flex charts. provides a default library and, as you learn more about the capability of these charts, you can modify the library, i.e. add or remove charts. That can be done on the page that displays a chart by clicking the “Make Favorite” button or on this page where you can manage your entire library.

Configure Workflow Layout

The workflow page is a popular landing page because it helps guide you through the routine steps that are most often used to process and analyze a workout while still giving you access to all the high-powered analytics functionality of the website. The layout of the workflow page can be modified to suit your preferences. There are two columns each with several options for what you want to display and in what order. Please read this post on the Rowing Analytics blog.


There are SAVE buttons for each of the four main sections on this page. Your changes for any given section will not apply until you hit the SAVE button associated with that section.


We at hope this tutorial helps. If you have any questions or comments about the content or ideas for additional content, please contact us at

PS All users, new or old, novice or experienced, will find a treasure trove of useful information in this Rowing Analytics blog that is associated with the website.

  1. In choosing a workout name, keep in mind that many of the analytics in will offer you a long list of your workouts and ask you to select the workouts from the list that you wish to include in the analysis. To make that easier, lets you search the list to find the workouts you want to use. To make the search more productive, your workout name should consistently include the kind of things you might want to search on, e.g. the type of workout (“2K test” or “4x1k”), power or HR zones (“UT1”, “Z5”), the app or device used to record the data, etc. 
  2. (Pro users) can create a Critical Power plot for OTW and OTE workouts. That process looks only at workouts you have tagged as ranking pieces. 
  3. Private workouts will not show up in the totals plotted on the bar chart on the Workouts page or be visible to your coach (if you are a member of a team).