June 2018 24
Interval Sessions are EASY!
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Ha!  Maybe not.  Doing them can be hard, but now analyzing them on rowsandall is easy. One of the “Pro” features that rowsandall has had for a long time is the ability to divide up

April 2018 02
Oartec DX – First Impressions
Posted By : Gregory Smith

NOTE:  I have gotten back some comments from RP3 users that I have incorrect and out dated information about the RP3 in the comparison table.  I’ve removed the table until I can get it updated. 

January 2018 12
Ergometer Scores & How Great Are You?
Posted By : Gregory Smith

Introduction If you participate in any internet forums about indoor rowing, you will often see posts asking about advice about how to pace an unfamiliar distance or time.   You will also see a lot