launches automatic sync with the NK Logbook app
- May
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Automatic Sync with the NK Logbook App

The Nielsen-Kellerman SpeedCoach GPS 2 is rowing’s most popular performance monitor. has supported data from the NK SpeedCoach (and the Empower oarlock measuring power and technique data) since its beginning, through CSV and FIT file upload as well as our infamous email upload. See this article for more details.

In a collaboration with Nielsen-Kellerman, we have now activated a simpler import stream. Here’s a comparison.

NK SpeedCoach Manual UploadNK SpeedCoach Email ImportNK LiNK Logbook importNK LiNK Logbook automatic import (Pro users)
1Row & Record dataRow & Record dataRow & Record dataRow & Record data
2Sync NK SpeedCoach to NK LiNK Logbook appSync NK SpeedCoach to NK LiNK Logbook appSync NK SpeedCoach to NK LiNK Logbook appSync NK SpeedCoach to NK LiNK Logbook app. The workout will automatically appear on
3Access NK LiNK Logbook in browser or appOpen NK LiNK Logbook App On, go to the NK LiNK page and click on the workout you want to import
4Export CSV or FIT fileExport CSV or FIT file
5Open Rowsandall.comAdd email commands to set boat and workout type
6Upload FileSend email to

The last two columns of this table show the new functionality once you set up NK Logbook integration. As you can see, the number of steps is greatly reduced and the entire process is much simpler. With the full automatic import, which is available to Rowsandall Pro, Coach and Self-Coach users, new workouts  on the NK Logbook will appear automatically on

Naturally, the sync will include all your Empower data as well.

Setting up the NK Logbook on

Just follow these steps to set up the integration:

  • Open the Settings – Import/Export page. You can navigate to this page by clicking on the “User” symbol in the top right, and then on the “Import/Export” menu item in the left menu.
  • Click on the NK Logbook icon

  • You will be taken to the NK Logbook login page:

  • Log in to the Logbook and click on “allow” to allow the integration with You can remove the connection at any time from the NK Logbook.
Click Allow to perform the integration step. This screenshot was taken with the Test server. You will see ROWSANDALL.COM (without “TEST”)
  • You will now be taken back to and the integration is complete.

  • Optional. If you want workouts to be automatically imported from the NK Logbook, hit the NK Logbook auto import check mark and press Save on the import settings page.

On the Workout List, there is a new menu item “NK Logbook” under the “Import” submenu:

Clicking on that menu item brings you to the NK Logbook import page:

From there, you can import individual workouts, or all NEW workouts with one click.


With the NK SpeedCoach being the most widely used rowing performance measurement unit, and the NK Empower Oarlock being the only commercially available power meter for on-the-water rowing, NK users are an important part of’s user base.

We are happy that we could collaborate with NK to make the integration for these users even smoother. The collaboration with NK has been excellent, and we hope to expand the current functionality in the future, when new SpeedCoach and Oarlock functionality becomes available.

With this integration, we currently offer API integration with the following platforms:

  • Concept2
  • Nielsen-Kellerman
  • RP3
  • Polar
  • Garmin Connect
  • Strava
  • TrainingPeaks
  • Runkeeper
  • SportTracks
  • MapMyFitness

On top of that, we offer file based compatibility with:

  • FIT files
  • TCX files
  • CSV exports from Humon, RitmoTime, Quiske, BoatCoach, CoxMate, Painsled, KinoMap, ErgData, SpeedCoach, SpeedCoach 2, ErgStick, RowPerfect, RowPro, and more will be added