A Training Plan that is just a few clicks away
- March
Posted By : sander
A Training Plan that is just a few clicks away

Do you want to increase your rowing fitness but don’t know where to start? Rowsandall.com now has some ready-made training plans that you can try. In collaboration with Pete Marston (from the famous “Pete Plan”), we offer ready-made training plans at the click of a button for our users on the Self-Coach plan and higher.

How does it work?

Open https://rowsandall.com/rowers/plans/ in your browser and review the short info about each of the plans. Currently, we offer the Pete Plan for Beginners, the Pete Plan and the Pete Plan for 5K. The plans come from the Indoor Rowing world, but the sessions can be done pretty well in a boat as well. We’ll be adding new plans in the future, so keep checking this page.

Once you find a plan that interests you, you can click on the link and look at it. The detail page shows you the plan’s information as well as brief descriptions of each session.

Once you settle on a plan, you just fill out the form to determine the start and end dates for your plan. You can select to have the plan completed by a certain date, which is handy if you are preparing for a scheduled race or test. Alternatively, you can select the start date of the plan, which is handy when you are on a current plan that you want to finish first (or if you want to start after a break, or other reasons).

What happens next?

All sessions from the plan will be planned into your Rowsandall.com “Plan” calendar, including detailed instructions that come with the plan. Then, each week, you can just go to https://rowsandall.com/rowers/sessions/ and check which sessions are scheduled for the current period. You can also download a calendar file which imports into Outlook or Google Calendar, so that you have all sessions in your regular calendar.

Each of the sessions has full details, and when you link your exercise data (that can be easily imported or uploaded to Rowsandall.com from Strava, Garmin, Concept2, RP3, and other platforms), you can compare how well you are following the plan. You can look at stats for hours, distance, training load planned vs executed, and you get interval statistics for the individual sessions. When you’re following one of the versions of the Pete Plan, these statistics determine the target paces for the next time you do a session, so it’s very convenient to have them in the cloud, instead of having to copy them from the monitor.

Have you developed a plan that you want to share with others? Contact me at support@rowsandall.com and I can make the plan available on Rowsandall.com.

As usual on Rowsandall.com, this is just the beginning, and the functionality around Training Plans will be expanded based on user feedback.