- December
Posted By : sander
CrewNerd Integration

Rowsandall already was able to process any TCX file, including the TCX exported by CrewNerd, which you could then upload or send by email, like described in this post.

We are excited to announce that the integration with CrewNerd now has been made even easier. Using the new CrewNerd integration, all you have to do is push the workout to Rowsandall from CrewNerd on your phone and it will automatically show up.

To prepare, you need to enable the Rowsandall integration in CrewNerd, from the Settings screen.

Click on Rowsandall, which will bring you to a login screen on the Rowsandall site. Then you’ll be offered a button to allow CrewNerd to upload data to your account. You will be automatically brought back to CrewNerd and now you’re all set.

After you record a row (on your Apple Watch or directly on the phone), you can look at your Workout History in CrewNerd, select the workout you want to export, and select Rowsandall as the export type, and select “Export” in the final screen. It’s as simple as that!

As usual, we’ll continue to improve the integration.