What are the differences between Premium and Basic on Rowsandall.com?
- January
Posted By : sander
What are the differences between Premium and Basic on Rowsandall.com?

Basic Functionality

We’ll do a real introduction to the basic functionality soon, but here are the things that the free (Basic) version of Rowsandall.com does. Sign up for free and you get:

  • Import, Upload or Email workouts from all supported devices and formats to the site
  • Synchronize the workouts with Strava, SportTracks, Concept2 logbook – and others. Moving your data around will always be free
  • Make the basic plots. Pie plot. Power based Pie plot. Time plot. Distance plot.
  • Use the interactive “Flex” chart with basic parameters (time, distance, pace, power, stroke rate, heart rate)
  • View your “ranking pieces” and do pace predictions

Pro Member Functionality

The Pro (or Premium) version of the site is available for just 20 EURO per year. For this, you get (on top of the Basic features):

  • Compare workouts
  • Edit Intervals
  • Some advanced static plots with more metrics (stroke length, drive/recovery time, peak and average force)
  • Interactive Power Histogram
  • Additional Metrics on the interactive Flex plot:
    • Peak Force
    • Average Force
    • Peak/Average Force Ratio
    • Drive Length
    • Work per Stroke
    • Drive Speed
    • Stroke Rhythm
    • Empower Oarlock metrics: Catch angle, Finish angle, Slip, Wash
    • Empower Oarlock stroke profile interactive chart
    • The ability to save your favorite Flex Charts and have quick access to them. This really cool feature really speeds up the analysis. Imagine you upload your workout, fire up the Flex Chart, and then just browse through your pre-defined favorite charts.
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Power Histogram (for all your strokes)
    • Flex plot of all metrics (for all strokes across workouts)
    • And more …

For the advanced metrics, you need to have an app that records them. For iPhone users, we recommend Painsled. For Android users, BoatCoach does the job really well.

So I think the choice is clear. Head over to this page, send over 20 EURO, which will be used to pay for the site hosting costs.

Here are a few pictures: