Some changes in Coaching functionality
- September
Posted By : sander
Some changes in Coaching functionality

In this post, I describe how to set up for training groups and coaches.

Recently, I have implemented some small changes in the coaching functionality. There is now a new “Free Coach” plan. You can be a coach at no cost. This coaching plan gives you all functionality that you need to remote coach an athlete or group of athletes on

Few things come for free, so what is the caveat?

Here are the limitations:

  1. Your athletes must be on a paid plan. We’re basically turning around the paradigm. For 25 EURO per year, less than the cost of a pair of rowing shorts, your athlete has to purchase the Pro plan (or higher)
  2. You cannot have more than 10 athletes
  3. On this account, you cannot upload your own workouts. It’s purely a login to manage coaching.

Feedback appreciated!