On this page, I am sharing any helpful links and offers from the global Rowing Data community. If you are aware of a rowing data entrepreneur doing something awesome in these times of lock-down, let me know and I will put it up here.

Similar lists are maintained by Rowing Related and Faster Masters.

The order is chronological (when I heard about the initiative):


Web-site: and



I am getting the rowers who have the MarlinX to send me over their videos and then critiquing their technique for them. I would be happy doing seminars for coaches/anyone, so they can coach their athletes using it?
It would make sure everyone rowed with some element of technique for the next 3 months and coaches could keep an eye on them.
Would need to send them out but that still isn’t a problem here.
And another initiative from Pete:
Hi All,
We are setting up little daily rowing competitions that DON’T require being the fastest to do.
They are are target Ergos on count up, so for the next 24 hours you have to do 123m in 30 seconds exactly remember the erg runs on.
With the backing of the Rowing Centre UK, Row Tours, MarlinX and Swift international we will provide daily/weekly and monthly prizes, posted to you wherever you are!!
You have to post your photo on the Rowing Centre Facebook group page or tag SwiftracingUK’s instagram before 1700BST each day!!
Good luck

Rowing Chat


Happy to help publicise. Marlene and I are recording our podcast in 3 hours – Rebecca

Concept2 Czech

Web-sites: and

Contact: Daniela Nachazelova

we are working on a rowing platform

Coach Bergenroth

Neil Bergenroth has a great page with STEM activities for kids, related to rowing:



Contact: Pentti Soini


Quiske provides free support for indoor technique analysis if you have Quiske Pod for next two months.

This can be done in Quiske cloud service by appointing Quiske (pentti soini) your coach.

2min Quiske recording (spm 22) with short 10-20s side youtube video even better.

Some more recommendations from Pentti:

There is already ready platform for this idea which puts all the rowers “on the same line” as a free service in internet.

It is Our club is using it actively and it really motivates.

Just create a group SAHRC and add new members there. It does not require any maintenance, everybody just enters own results there and it gives you points based on your gender, age and weight.

In fact, we have already arranged virtual ergomarathon event there which ends 19th of April.

I do recommend that you are careful with going all out on the ergometer in this time. Here is Pena’s comment:

But you don’t need to try your PBs but instead find how many points you are getting with moderate workout.

One goal good be to fill as many time/distance workouts as possible.

Of course, there are rowers who would like to challenge their records but it is recommended _only_ if you are healthy.

There are many ways how to use this tool.

When we start nonathlon after September or so, the first target is to have “baseline” for all the times/distances and start to improve them later.

This is also a nice tool to compare how you develop over the years. I have done this about ten years in a row.



Contact: Dan Eiref

Hi folks –
This is a bit of a shameless plug for my Android app BoatCoach, but if you’re running virtual ergathon events, or even just trying to do a virtual workout with a friend, you can live stream your workout to Facebook with your Concept2 workout stats overlaid.
For example, you could set up a Facebook group for your ergomarathon and then have anyone who is interested stream their workout to that page.  The feature is free.
A video of Sander giving live streaming a try is here…



Contact: James (“Rick”) Terrell –

For those of you who don’t know, I develop the PainSled and RowedBiker apps. They are currently only available for iOS, but I’m heads-down working on the Android ports so you probably arn’t going to hear much from me.

Regarding COVID-19, both PainSled and RowedBiker allow users to work out virtually using existing social fitness games or training platforms like Zwift or Sufferfest. I have been experimenting with these platforms as an easy way to workout in groups online. Without having to write a bunch of code. Zwift in particular has seen a huge uptake recently as the cyclists and runners have had to stay indoors longer than they generally would (in the northern hemisphere, that is.) They just set a new peak user record yesterday around 25K. Although it’s a little weird seeing yourself on a bike in a virtual world, the workout models are pretty much the same thing. I have built out a few of the usual ones (pyramids, etc.) and they seem to work fine.

Anyhow, that’s what I’m up to these days. Feel free to ping me if you have questions about either app. And be well!


Web-site: asensei


Sander, you’re welcome to add @asensei to your list of resources. Our free trial includes around 50 workouts from various coaches including @kiwipair Eric Murray. Once signed up, you’ll also get invites to live streaming workouts (Eric goes live 2 hours from now)



We have spent the last week building this feature which lets those on the indoor ergo to challenge each other. I know others are doing this as well, this creates both a public challenge, but it also allows people to challenge each other within their clubs.
As said before we are offering this and Ludum for free until august to give all those isolated the opportunity to still remain connected whilst alone.


A few people have reacted, thanked for the initiative and promised to think about how they can help. Here is the list:

Nelo Rowing

Nelo Rowing